Creativity. Pride. Innovation. Dedication. Respect. Confidence.

Professionalism. These are some of the sharp critical signs of business

leaders. Attach friendliness, kindness, thoughtfulness, and understanding to the table, and you have this group of hardworking people.

Without further ado, meet the team of experts who make

Web Basket a growing business.

Meet The Team


Nayan Verma

Chief Executive Officer

Nayan is an entrepreneur specializing in building content marketing, marketing technology and information services businesses. 


Manali Shrivastwa

Cheif Client Officer


Manali is responsible for developing Web Basket’s content marketing solutions and facilitating customer success.


Rishabh Raj

Chief Technology Officer

Rishabh is responsible for evolving and revolutionizing Web Basket’s software services and platforms, as well as implementing industry-leading consultancy and integration with

Web Basket’s clients.



 We’re always looking for talented professionals who can bring something new and unique to the table.